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Growing interest in used cogeneration plants and the CHP-Resale market

CHP Used Marketplace (image: BHKW-Infozentrum) The interest in used co-generation plants is considerable. The CHP-Information-Centre (BHKW-Infozentrum)  has provided an internet platform for used cogeneration plants for over eight years. An English-language website enables international sales opportunity for used cogeneration plants.

For over eight years the CHP-Information-Centre (BHKW-Infozentrum) gives operators of CHP plants the opportunity to offer their used (CHP) on an Internet site to the largest possible number of potential customers.

In the meantime, the CHP-Resale market has been further improved including a private login area and a database. The sellers of used CHP plants can change the data of their display at any time, upload additional photos or make adjustments to pricing.

For the past two years, the CHP used market notifications are not only on in German in Germany and Austria but have also been published on two English-language websites. This has enabled the international sale of used cogeneration plants.

More than 130 CHP plants have been on offer within the last two years on the CHP-Resale site.